Nivek Industries

Nivek Industries has appointed Equipment Placement as their Western Australian Authorised Dealer and Service Agent.

Equipment Placement can carry out all of your routine maintenance and repair needs with our in-house TED Service Specialist.

TED™ is simple and safe to operate. The basis of operation of TED™ includes the following key points:

  • TED™ is powered by a 12 volt rechargeable, non-hazardous battery system.
  • The Operational Functions (driving, steering, and raising the platform) are controlled via an easy to use wireless Remote Control Handset.
  • The Operational Functions are controlled by a hydraulic pump system, powered by a 12 volt electric motor.
  • TED™ is an all-terrain skid steer track vehicle. The tracks are powered by two hydraulic motors (one for each track) and can operate at two different speeds.
  • The total lifting capacity of TED™ is engineered at a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 800kg (Independently Certified) and has a maximum lift height of 1170mm.
  • TED™ has a turntable on the platform allowing secured loads to be swiveled around if necessary.
  • TED™ has several built in safety features including:
    • load lock valves on each RAM to prevent platform from collapsing,
    • strobe and alarm to alert personnel that TED™ is operating and to adhere to the 3m exclusion zone, and
    • emergency stop button on the Remote Control handset and the unit itself, and
    • deadman switch that the operator has to physically engage before every operation to avoid any accidental operational signals.
  • TED™ complies with Australian Standards AS4100, AS3990 & AS1554
Length x Width x Height (Platform compressed)1374 x 778 x 315mm
Length x Width x Height (Platform extended)1374 x 778 x 1172mm
Ground clearance60mm
Safe Working Load800kg
Motor TypeDC 12 Volt 2kW
Battery Type2 x 6 Volt, 224 amp AGM
Charger12 Volt, 20 amp
Remote Control Handset / ReceiverMagnetek, Flex pro 8
Remote Control FrequencyRanging from 433 to 434MHz depending on the coded channel