Traditionally, in Chile and around the world, dump bodies have been replaced using one or two cranes with the implied exposure of operators to the risk of suspended loads and to a potential accident at any time during the operation.

So without the cutting-edge KIMBO system a mining company will be performing a highly risky task and exposing their personnel to the risks of working under suspended loads for long periods of time, contrary to operational safety and efficiency.

Traditionally the main challenges faced during dump body replacement are:

  • Two cranes are required for dump body replacement.
  • Problem: Availability of two cranes.
  • Operating times of up to 33 hours for the replacement of 1 dump body.
  • Number of operators required: 9.
  • Highly dependent on weather conditions, i.e. cranes do not operate under wind gusts over 35km/hr.

Kimbo Dump Body Exchange System optimises the replacement of mine truck dump bodies, eliminating the need of cranes. Main purpose of the Kimbo Dump Body Exchange System is the safe and quick dismounting and mounting of a dump body.

With this cutting-edge product Novamine introduces a new method or procedure for the replacement of dump bodies: Work under supported load. This new method eliminates the traditional two-crane method as well as the implied principle of working under suspended loads, hence eliminating the need of exposing operators to high risk working areas.

What is the Kimbo Dump Body Exchange System? Which are its components?

Kimbo Dump Body Exchange System is a 6- column adjustable structure, arranged to provide two working areas for the safe and quick dismounting and mounting of dump bodies. Operation of the system is controlled via a wireless remote control or from a built-in side control panel.


Added values of this product are directly related to the social impact of this innovation; mainly the avoidance of the following life threatening risks: exposure of persons under suspended loads, movement of cranes at mine sites, sudden fall of heavy loads, falls when working at height, removal and assembly of dump body pins.

Kimbo Dump Body Exchange System provides several operational and financial advantages: no working area restrictions -exchange operation is not “put on hold” due to wind gusts (very common weather condition in mines all around the world); increase in production time and reduction of costs -replacement time is reduced from 20-30 hrs. to 1.5-3hrs. and availability of equipment is improved; reduction in the number of operators involved in the procedure -from 9 to 3 operators; removal of locking pins is easier via a remotely controlled equipment; flexibility -Kimbo design allows changing dump bodies of different sizes and profiles; lower costs for on-site parking of cranes and lowboy trucks.

Kimbo Exchange System not only improves and makes the dump body replacement operation easier but also streamlines all the mine truck servicing process. Generally during the maintenance or repair of mine truck parts or components, a crane is required for dismounting the dumb body: this procedure is remarkably easier using the Kimbo System. The reduction in the time devoted to the replacement operation results in an increased mine truck availability, both ready to be back in production or to go to the mine truck shop.
The Kimbo Dump Body Exchange System has been designed to help mining companies in Chile and around the world to meet the “zero fatalities” goal. Our experience has proved that a mining company improves competitiveness with Kimbo Dump Body Exchange System as a result of the optimization of the replacement process and of the combined improvement in safe work practices for personnel.