Transport solutions for heavy tracked equipment

Sleipner E Series Transport Modules for Excavators and Sleipner DB Series Dozer and Drill Trailers reduce the maintenance cost of heavy loading equipment, increasing productivity in the whole of mine operation.

Sleipner products are simple, safe and reliable.

Equipment Placement is the Authorised Distributor for Sleipner products.


The Sleipner principle is simple, safe and reliable. Because the modules are so versatile and simple, excavators used with it do not have to undergo any modifications.

Thanks to flexibility of Sleipner products, loading can be planned more efficiently and at the same time the utilisation rate of equipment increases. To ensure the highest level of flexibility is achieved, we recommend a Sleipner transport module for each excavator.


All operations are done mechanically. Operators stay in their cabins all the time. Sleipner transport modules work in any weather conditions and are easy to operate.

During transport, tracks are just barely off the ground. The transport process can be interrupted anytime by the operator, by simply lowering the tracks onto the ground.

Operator’s comfort is improved as driving on wheels causes less vibration.

Sleipners are equipped with automatic safety brakes. They are adjusted for slopes up to 20% and keep the Sleipners in place when parked in uneven areas.

The first Sleipners are still in operation, after  over 10 years of use.


Service and maintenance can be done at the workshop, as moving the equipment is no more an issue.

Vibration and undercarriage wear caused by driving on tracks is avoided, so maintenance costs drastically reduced. Using Sleipners, undercarriage life can be doubled or even tripled.


DB80 / DB130

The DB-series is for moving large bulldozers, drilling machines and other heavy tracked machines up to 130 tonnes. 

  • The revolutionary Sleipner DB-series improves on-site mobility of your tracked equipment. Sleipner DB-series offers you fast loading, agile transporting and reliable braking. With DB-series you get more flexibility to your daily production planning.

  • Drills and dozers can be picked-up and delivered right where they are working. Relocation of equipment becomes a routine part of more efficient, more reactive and therefore more productive daily planning.

With Sleipner DB-series utilization, the drills’ undercarriages last 2-3 times longer and the excessive undercarriage wear of bulldozers while traveling on tracks in 3rd gear is diminished.

Moreover, the ease of relocation from the pit enables much more maintenance to be performed preventively and in the better conditions found in the workshop, resulting in large reductions in expensive and disruptive breakdowns.

• Quick rear-entry loading and unloading, loading time for dozers is less than two minutes

• Agile design will go anywhere in the pit

• One person can handle the whole loading procedure

• Flat, unencumbered loading platform with load-binding points

• Multipurpose, can accomodate all kinds of pit equipment besides drills and bulldozers: excavators, wheel loaders, trucks, bucket, pumps, light towers, etc.

• The stable design of the DB offers incomparable safety and stability

• Trailer bed is wider than loaded equipment tracks

• There is no risk of overturning even if the wheels drop off the road.

• Railings and stairs ensure safe operator access to the load deck

• Advanced, proven braking system well integrated with the prime mover provides safe transport in every condition

• Reversing camera system ensures manoeuvring safety

Sleipner DB

Check out the Sleipner DB system in action!