JAMA Mining Machines


The unique Jama wheel carrier is designed for handling wheel rims, tyres and even wheel motors. Precision-engineered bogies with hydraulic drive and diagonal steering are controlled by a joystick, offering incredible precision when offering up the wheel component for refitting.

The safer and more productive way to remove wheels, hubs, struts and wheel motors. Jama has been tried and tested in the mining industry since 2004.

Wheelcarrier Image 1 v3-1
  • Improves mine site productivity by minimising downtime associated with wheel servicing.
  • Improves efficiency in the workshop.
  • Millimetre precision when taking on/off wheels.
  • Flexible and accessible – joystick and diagonal steering optimise manouvering when changing wheels – only the width of the wheel carrier is needed in the workshop area.
  • Improved service personnel safety.
  • Can handle wheels, wheel motors and struts.
  • Easy to use – the whole process is simplified.
  • No need for overhead crane.
  • Advanced and reliable electronic technology.